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Protect and Preserve RTDNF for Decades to Come

If you support the goals and mission of the Radio Television Digital News Foundation, there's no better way to show it by providing a gift to the RTDNF Permanent Endowment. While the General Fund provides for the day-to-day expenses of the foundation, and allows us to offer new programs and research, the Endowment will ensure we're still able to provide resources, scholarships and so much more for decades to come.

Named for Barney Oldfield, the founder of RTDNF, both the Oldfield Circle and Oldfield Society will acknowledge those donors dedicated to the foundation he created, and its mission of supporting journalism.

Now is your opportunity to show your support for the mission of RTDNF, and to become a founding member of either the Oldfield Founders Circle or the Oldfield Founders Society, or both!

With a contribution of $500 to the RTDNF Endowment , you gain entry to the Oldfield Founders Circle, an exclusive group of RTDNF supporters helping to continue our legacy of supporting journalists.

Members of the Oldfield Founders Circle will be thanked in RTDNF's First Amendment Awards program, named on our website, and receive a special badge ribbon at our annual Excellence in Journalism conference.

Entry into the Oldfield Founders Society is gained by making an estate contribution of at least $2,500 to the RTDNF Endowment. Membership into the Society is granted with proof of the donor's intent to make the planned gift. These gifts are an opportunity to have a portion of your legacy dedicated to the protection and advancement of journalism, and help support RTDNF long into the future, despite changing political or economic climates.

Ready to join the Oldfield Founders Society? Just submit this form and we'll be in touch to help you with the logistics of planning your estate gift.

You'll be in great company!

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