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Fear Will Not Silence Facts

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Don't let fear silence facts. You can help today.

Responsible journalism matters more than ever. RTDNF and its sister organization RTDNA stand for all aspects of the First Amendment, particularly the freedom of the press. We work for an America in which the press is able to hold the powerful to account, shine a light on corruption, act a catalyst for positive change in local communities without denial of access, undue restriction, or fear of attack. We train and equip local journalists and journalism students to know their rights and seek and report truth ethically – upholding the public's right to know.

And on March 5, 2020, at our First Amendment Awards, RTDNF will honor individuals and organizations that exemplify responsible journalism and who practice their constitutionally guaranteed duty to seek and report the truth.

We can do so much more with your help. Your generous gift allows us to continue our important work as an association and foundation: providing education around the country to empower more journalists with the tools they need to be successful, awarding scholarships and fellowships to help grow and strengthen the next generation of journalists, and advocating for journalism, the First Amendment, and a free and vibrant press at all levels.

Give to your passion by funding an area of your choice:

  • RTDNF: The Foundation provides training programs, seminars, scholarship and fellowship support, and research in areas of critical concern to broadcast and digital news professionals and their audience. As a 501(c)(3) organization, your donation to the Foundation is tax deductible.
  • The RTDNF Endowment: A permanent endowment established to support RTDNF, this fund is building now to protect and support the Foundation well into the future. Donations to the endowment are tax deductible, and those interested in funding at a special level can become part of our Oldfield Circle.
  • Voice of the First Amendment Task Force: By supporting the VFA Task Force, you're supporting a collaborative effort with broadcast and digital journalism companies, like-minded media associations and others to provide a vigorous defense for the First Amendment, news media access and to combat the growing vitriol toward journalism in the current divisive political and ideological environment. Donations to RTDNA are not tax deductible as a 501(c)(6) organization.